Downtown Atlanta has a lot of constructing going on constantly, which backs up traffic. As I walked downtown construction men working on new stores trying to fix some holes and cracks in the streets and sidewalks. Most of the parks that are in the area are full of homeless people and trash. One very popular area is called Little Five Points. Little Five Points has several abandoned stores. Most store fronts are poorly designed, have yellow turning windows with bars on them too. And this area is only a few blocks from one of most thriving soda companies, Coca-Cola.

Another area economy is thriving is the Sweet Auburn District. Sweet Auburn is well-known for its market called the Sweet Auburn Market, the club called the Peacock, and for the oldest black person owned stores in Georgia. This area attracts a lot of tourist. The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s house is in this area as well. Also MLK museum is too. This area is definitely generating a good amount of money but the money is not being put back into its community. This area is full abandoned stores and homeless people. But this place has a lot of history there but it’s being forgotten because it’s getting taking care of.

Here the link to my evidence.