46786262The next paragraphs will be about demonstrate the evidence of Atlanta having exceptional economic growth.

This is just a piece of the article “Coca-Cola Earnings Review: Another Quarter Where Growth Gets Wiped out by Currency Translations”.

“There are a lot of things in transition for the world’s largest maker of non-alcoholic beverages, The Coca-Cola Company. The company is looking to restructure, consolidate some of its operations, and spin-off some others – all in a bid to drive operational efficiencies, reduce supply-chain costs, and improve profitability. And then, there are the Monster and Keurig deals, the premium milk brand Fairlife, all of which could add incremental sales going forward. But amid the altering dynamics, Coca-Cola KO +0.18% continued to witness strong organic growth in Q3, reflecting a strong core business. Unit case volumes grew 3% year-over-year on a 2% and a larger 6%, growth in sparkling and non-sparkling volumes, respectively. Price/mix was a major win, as expected, contributing 3 percentage points to the top line.”

This is relevant because it shows how much this company is growing over time. But it lacks the evidence of the money actually getting circulated back into Atlanta.


The Atlanta Street car is the new way of transit downtown. It was built in 2004. The street car makes 12 stops along the alignment in between the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site and Centennial Olympic Park. It is like train but on the streets like a car. The car takes you along many popular tour spots like the Centennial Park which is home to the Coca-Cola Factory, the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Museum and the Georgia Aquarium.

“The Atlanta Streetcar is the result of a cooperative effort by the City of Atlanta, the business community and MARTA to bring to fruition critical infrastructure that will connect the metro area and the greater region.”

The long-term vision for the proposed streetcar includes a north-to-south route from the Brookhaven MARTA station to Fort McPherson and an east-to-west route connecting The King Center to the Centennial Olympic Park area west of Peachtree Street. As they become available, additional federal funding opportunities will be pursued to further fund the streetcar’s expansion.  Key features of the streetcar include:

  • Potential for higher passenger loads
  • Draw new transit riders
  • Produces fewer emissions, impacting air quality and sustainability
  • Reduces dependence on cars in a significant live-and-work corridor
  • Appeals to visitors with its predictable fixed route
  • Potential to increase ridership on connecting transit network

Delta Airlines contributes to the transportation from city to city for people who lives there and tourists.

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