This website was made for the LGBTQ community. It has a lot of events that they host and are a apart of. This is a website only a certain kind of people will use. It caters to their needs. Before I actually visited the website I thought the site was going to have a lot of colors on it since they use a rainbow flag to represent their community. But it has little to no varies  of colors. It’s kind of standard, serious and not a kind of website that wants to grab your attention.


This site has a tabs like: news,events, pride, sponsors, about and contact. This website is very informative. The news tabs is talking about the things that are going on in their community. The events tab is about all the events their hosting and being about of. The pride tab is about how to get to the events they are hosting and stuff like parking. The about  tab just gives a brief description about who the LGBTQ community is about and their purpose of making this website. The sponsors tab is just stating all the sponsors that support their community. The contact tab is just states information about how to become a part of their community and gives emails and numbers to contact people that runs the website.

This website is kind of boring to me. It just serves for a certain purpose for certain people. And website like just tend to be boring because its purpose is not to entertain.