John. “Gender Disparities in the Design Field.” Smashing Magazine 12 Nov. 2010: 1-2. Print.


The author separates the article into four controversial topics dealing with gender issues. The first topic is statistics- a poll to demonstrate how many web designers are male and female. 82.6% of web designers are male. The author gives this example to show how predominate men are in that field. Since men are dominate the web designing, women voices are not heard. So that means men can’t accommodate women’s needs.


The second topic is perceptions. The ¬†author talks about how males and females are perceived throughout the world differently while doing the same thing. One example the author gives to support this idea was when 2009 Google was the talk of the web when someone noticed when you type “she invented” into the search bar, did you mean “he invented” pops up on the screen. Indirectly saying that women can’t invent anything and that only men can.

The third and fourth topics are conditioning and status quo. They both talk about how society is slowly opening up different job that are typically “masculine” to women.

This article is related to the research that I am doing because if ¬†women opinions and ideas are not heard they won’t be reflected into any work even interior designs, but if they are heard their ideas and opinions will be reflected.