At the beginning of this semester I wasn’t sure if I wanted to say in this class. This class sounded too difficult and also too different from what I am use to in an english class. But the more I started to understand and open my mind up to different things, this class wasn’t as difficult than what I previous thought.

The academic process we learned was somewhat the same but with a little twist to it. The academic writing process we are working through in this class is very similar to the past research I have done. It’s similar because in the past I collected data and then use that data to form an thesis to begin writing a paper. But it’s also quite different because I never collected data from environments (outside places) before. I never quite understood what primary and secondary research was until I came into this class.I learned that the difference between primary and secondary research is that primary is what you go out and collect feel  and secondary research is research that someone else went out and collected. I plan to apply the things that I learned to all the other upcoming projects by using my primary research more than any secondary research that I find.


I think my strengths as a writer are that I can compose a writing that everyone can understand and I also can pull out the main concepts/ideas that other authors have in their writing. But I want to write on using more descriptive words in my writing and also being able to write a more scholarly paper.