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Civil Rights

Dear John Lewis,


MARCH thus far has made me feel shocked and appalled that these terrible acts could have ever taken place. The church bombing had me almost in tears; I couldn’t believe anyone would have enough hatred to do something like that. The violation of human rights made me so angry, especially that the officers who shot a child never got convicted.  I could never understand how someone could think so little of another group of people, and the people in charge saw no real reason to enact change. I feel as though one of the reasons the children committing hate crimes was added in to show how deep racism ran. Children only know what is taught to them, and they were taught hate. 

This story made me think a lot about racism more in depth because racism is now very heavily frowned upon but back then it was the norm. But even with that social shift things like this happen all the time to all minorities. Minorities deal with hate crimes and are still fighting for their rights but the majority of people are unwilling to help them.

To help these issues we must protest against these injustices. If the people in charge do not want to make changes, we as a society are responsible for demanding changes.


Thank you, 

Jennifer Wang

Protest sign
“Not being heard is no reason for silence.” – Victor Hugo