Month: September 2019

Civil Rights

Dear John Lewis,


MARCH thus far has made me feel shocked and appalled that these terrible acts could have ever taken place. The church bombing had me almost in tears; I couldn’t believe anyone would have enough hatred to do something like that. The violation of human rights made me so angry, especially that the officers who shot a child never got convicted.  I could never understand how someone could think so little of another group of people, and the people in charge saw no real reason to enact change. I feel as though one of the reasons the children committing hate crimes was added in to show how deep racism ran. Children only know what is taught to them, and they were taught hate. 

This story made me think a lot about racism more in depth because racism is now very heavily frowned upon but back then it was the norm. But even with that social shift things like this happen all the time to all minorities. Minorities deal with hate crimes and are still fighting for their rights but the majority of people are unwilling to help them.

To help these issues we must protest against these injustices. If the people in charge do not want to make changes, we as a society are responsible for demanding changes.


Thank you, 

Jennifer Wang

Protest sign
“Not being heard is no reason for silence.” – Victor Hugo

My Favorite Fairy Tale

I would say I have a pretty obsessive personality. When I love something, I love it with all my heart. I learn absolutely everything I can about it and it’s basically my favorite thing in the world. But the only thing I can think of that has spanned my whole life, without me even realizing it, is theatre.  

The Little Mermaid Playbill
Now it’s a Broadway musical so I’m even more obsessed with it.

It started when I was 5. Every spare moment of everyday I would beg my mom to play my favorite movie The Little Mermaid. Every time my mom popped it into the DVD player and the opening played my eyes would light up and I would be entranced. Maybe it was because of the pretty mermaids or the fun sea creatures, but I loved this movie more than anything else. Anytime a song would start I would sing along. I have always liked singing but these songs brought out the performer in me. My sister and I would jump around the living room from couch to couch belting out a, very likely off-key, rendition of ‘part of your world’ and dance around stupidly to ‘under the sea’. Sometimes we would even try our hand at a scary evil ‘poor unfortunate soul’. The little mermaid was my first taste of what a musical could do. How exciting and engaging something could be with a little song and dance; I would go through about 12 different emotions repeatedly in the span of an hour and a half long movie.  I was in love with musicals and I didn’t even know what they were called yet. In hindsight, this was the first indication that I would be a weird theatre kid.


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