Annotated Bibliography 8


  • Young, Raymond De. “Localization Papers.” : Attention Restoration. Localization Papers, n.d. Web. 29 Mar. 2016.

The Author Raymond De Young and his colleagues/researchers from the The school of natural resources and environment, diagnosed the causes of  direct attentional fatigue. Direct Attentional Fatigue is the reduced Ability to meet and follow plans and the inability to mentally restrain impulsive thoughts or actions. Raymond De Young conducted that when placed under continual demand our ability to focus on our thoughts tires, resulting in abstract concepts and making goals more difficult to achieve.  Raymond Believes that if  we value community, civility, and environmental stewardship and start taking action to manage our capacity towards a more direct attention, then direct attentional fatigue will be slowly alleviated. In most cases people would rarely know that they’re undergoing directed attentional fatigue and a person who is experiencing it will adapt to the following symptoms; 1.) irritability 2.) impulsivity that results in regrettable choices and statements  3.) impatience that typically put us in a whole of bad decisions 4.) distractibility the most common but fatal one that allows your surrounding environment to greatly influence the choices you make. Raymond De Young believes that more foundational resources that challenge the society’s mental, intellectual, pro social, and pro environmental behavior should be instilled throughout the community to help prevent the spread of Directed Attentional Fatigue. (DAF)

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