Bibliographic Annotation 6


  • Armstrong, Rachel. “Future of Built Environments.” The Guardian. Guardian Sustainable Business, 13 June 2010. Web. 24 Feb. 2016.

In this article ” What is the future of the built environment” the author is acknowledging the future expectations of an built environment and how its suppose to support and encourage the sustainable lifestyles through various terms which could be educational, wellbeing, or physically improved. On the social behalf of sustainability the built environment can motivate or encourage people to strive for a more healthier lifestyle. The author is implying that the ¬†architecture design of buildings, form of transportation, green spaces, physical attractions and etc. are significant when encouraging positive change to public health. The author believes naturalistic designs or observations in the reality also plays a vital role when constructing these built environment. Technology is also an important factor that highly contribute to the environment because not only can it change our perspective on that particular environment but it might affect the way people interact within that environment.”Technology enables buildings to respond to external conditions such as temperature or time which adjust accordingly”(Guardian Research) The author wants different groups of professionals within the built environment sector and the external stakeholder to get together and consider how innovation and creativity serve to make the built environment more accommodating. The author believes that increased infrastructure would ¬†eventually lead into an increase of health and well-being due to newly desinged environments that increase the rapidness of transportation. The researchers from the Guardian Sustainable Business it trying to provoke for newly built environments with innovative designs so that the people within that environment could connect and become more active physically, mentally, and intellectually.

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