Annotated Bibliography 4

  • Kedia, Aditi. “Reasons behind Naming and Renaming Cities.” Significance of Its Name. Quora, 1 May 2015. Web. 24 Feb. 2016.

Did you know that Atlanta’s original name was Marthasville? In this article written by Aditi Kedia, the author is acknowledging the relevance of the etymology of the names of cities and towns. She informs the reader about the many geographic and socioeconomic factors or resources that signifies how that geographic location developed its name.  The development of a locations name could be effected through  its various features such as its history, people or person, geographical theme, climate or even its success. “Each political power has its own ideology when it comes to naming and renaming  towns, cities and other sites.” (Aditi K.) The author explains that among  the infinite reasons that may affect an location name; when constructing these names the leaders of these political parties must consider the Nationalistic, Political, and Commemorative Reasons which is the three that is most commonly used. 1.)Nationalistic reasons which includes the cultural aspects of the environment such as the language, religion, and other beliefs that were inherited by that particular group or space. 2.)Political Reasons which could normally happen when there are politicians lobbying to attain more votes. You could also achieve a better understanding of how political issues affect the cities name or its location is by noticing how a state could be characterized by either being a democrat or republican . 3.)Commemorative Reason I think is the most effective because it’s when the city or a site has been renamed in honor of  an idol, reformist, leader or any other significant piece of value that connected within that place. The author implies that there are various but oblivious factors that could contribute to the name or renaming of an location, for example the entitlement or authority it grants the people within that environment and furthermore “renaming a city, comes with huge official costs – such as changing signs, official documents and other endless things with which a city’s name is associated.”(Aditi K.)

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