6. Personal Reflections

The ethical strengths that I believe this bill provides is increasing the equality among relevant persons affected by the situation and social justice. I express this because the bill is designed to help a special group of people in medical situations that could possibly die without the aid of this bill. Some in society us marijuana as a recreational drug which is illegal and the bill is willing to go against mainstream culture and the government to help in relevant situations. The bill is not about legalizing cannabis but demonstrates empathy  and compassion for our children that would probably not live to be an adult.

I believe implementing this bill would assist families in making a positive decision of not having to separate from  supporting family members. Move to another state to receive medical treatment or quit their job. Family and individual stress levels would decrease because they would no longer have to go through the daily agony of watching their love one suffer day after day. I believe this would truly strengthen the social worker’s ability and involvement in providing more resources to the client in need.

I have learned that the ethics of policy making can be very debilitating based on our political system. I now understand and truly believe that policy making is based on who you are and the people you know not necessarily on what the need of society is. This legislative session has taught me that politicians are faced with ethical dilemmas occasionally if not daily as in the case of HB 885. Some simply voted on the bill as a you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours. While others understood the need however didn’t agree to the resolution but did what was popular or contrary to their belief.

This bill became dear to me when I learned about the seizures that the children were experiencing. Immediately I began to thank God for allowing my five children to grow up to be adults with minor medical or physical problems. I would vote on the bill based on one simple fact, “what if it was my child that was suffering?” the ethical dilemma that I would no doubt make the decision to say yes! I can’t say whether the bill would resolve the problem. But I believe its a step in the right direction. I believe  there will be some unintended consequences that I presently can’t put a finger on. However I’m praying and hoping during the time of transitioning many unforeseen consequences will come to light and resolve will be found.

I’m hoping this bill will help society look at how we determine and classify the use of drugs whether for recreation or medical. I believe the uses are totally different according to the intent and purpose. The bill align with my personal value. I truly believe that the majority of our medical drugs comes from some form of plant that has not been 100% proven but we use them to this day. I truly wish that I understood all of the bill and its entirety to make a personalize and productive comment that is beneficial to this problem unfortunately I can’t at this juncture in my understanding.

The insights that  I gained from this process is as a future social worker I’m required to be very assertive, consistent, observant and stay on top of current events. I can make a difference in creating policy change but it requires a non dying effort.

HB 885 didn’t receive the final glow of light but I believe brighter days are still on the arising!



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