4. Policy Implementation


HB 885  and the funding is somewhere out there?

HB 885 seeks to establish a regulatory system by which medical cannabis can be researched and delivered. The bill would reanimate and redefine “The Controlled Substance Therapeutic Research Program administered under the Georgia composite medical board. the medical board would be responsible for setting up qualifications, selection, and approval of academic medical centers who wish to work under the Controlled Substances Therapeutic Research Program.

The bill calls for the creation of a Qualification Review Board made up of a physician in ophthalmology, a physician in surgery, a physician in internal medicine and medical oncology, a physician in psychiatry, a physician in radiology, a pharmacist, a physician in pediatric neurology, a physician in pain management, and a pediatric epitologist; all  of them being certified and appointed by the Georgia composite medical board. The Qualification Review Board’s duty would be to review cases and requests of patients wishing to obtain medical cannabis from the medical research centers in order to make sure no kind of misuse or unauthorized use of cannabis would take place.

The only services that would come out of it would be the prescription of cannabis through this medical research centers. the bill would grant patients under the program immunity from negative drug-test results whether for employment or welfare reasons. It also allows patients to get the drug from other states. As of now insurance companies remains unknown, but it is assumed that they would not cover medical cannabis. The Drug cannot be approved by the Food and Drug Administration because it’s illegal on the federal level.

Financials alone, the Substances Therapeutic research Program cannot obtain federal funds, meaning the funds would have to be from state or private sources. In fact, because the medical centers would be growing a federally illegal substance, they risk losing all of their federal funding. supporters of the bill hope medical cannabis laws on the federal level will loosen up, moving cannasbis down lower in the ranking of narcotics, thus allowing federal funds or at least immunity from prosecution.


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