Published Reports and Working Papers

Levente Littvay, Jennifer McCoy and Gabor Simonovits“It’s Not Just Trump: Americans of both parties support democratic backsliding more under their own president.”  Preprint:

Rachel Beatty Riedl, Paul Friesen, Jennifer McCoy, Ken Roberts and Murat Somer. Opening Democratic Spaces:  Original Research Summary Report.” USAID Center for Democracy, Human Rights and Governance.”  July 2023.   Case Studies

Rachel Beatty Riedl, Paul Friesen, Jennifer McCoy, and Ken Roberts. “Literature Review on Opening Democratic Spaces.” USAID Center for Democracy, Human Rights and Governance.”  April 2023.

Somer, Murat, Jennifer McCoy, and Ozlem Tuncel. 2022. “Toward a New Transition Theory: Opposition Dilemmas and Countering Democratic Erosion.” APSA Preprints. doi: 10.33774/apsa-2022-nr4mz. This content is a preprint and has not been peer-reviewed.

McCoy, Jennifer, Gábor Simonovits, and Levente Littvay. “Democratic Hypocrisy and Out-group Threat: Explaining Citizen Support for Democratic Erosion.” PsyArXiv. July 29, 2021. doi: 10.31234/

Policy Brief on Populism in Europe and the Americas: What, When, Why and How; Team Populism: June 2018

“Legitimacy Deficits in Colombia’s Peace Talks: Elites, Trust and  Support for Transitional Justice.”  Ryan E. Carlin, Jennifer L. McCoy, Jelena Subotic. Working Paper published by the Democracy, Human Rights and Governance Fellows and Grants Program of IIE/USAID.   May 2015.

The April 14, 2013 Special Presidential Elections in Venezuela: report of The Carter Center, June 2013. (Contributor and editor). 90 pages

The October 7, 2012 Presidential Elections in Venezuela: final report of a Carter Center Study Mission, November 2012.  (Contributor and editor)  60 pages.

The November 2011 Elections in Nicaragua: A Study Mission Report of The Carter Center, January 2012.  (Contributor and editor)       

“Nicaragua’s Troubling Elections.” Testimony Prepared for the Hearing on “Democracy Held Hostage in Nicaragua, Part 1” of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, U.S. Congress, December 1, 2011.

Toward a Common Agenda for Cooperation between the Andean Countries and the United States.  The Carter Center and International Idea. January 2011.  (Contributor and editor)

Venezuela: Looking Ahead.” Testimony Prepared for the Hearing on “Venezuela: Looking Ahead” House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere. July 17, 2008.

Observing the 2004 Venezuela Recall Referendum.  The Carter Center. February 2005. (Contributor and editor.)

Venezuelan Referendum Process.”  Prepared statement for Hearing on Venezuelan Democracy presented to the Western Hemisphere Subcommittee, Foreign Relations Committee, U.S.  Senate, June 17, 2004.

“Democracy as Social Organization,” in The Conceptual Debate over Democracy,   Theoretical Appendix to Democracy in Latin America: Towards a Citizen’s Democracy, United Nations Development Program, 2004, pp. 233-239.

 Observing Political Change in Venezuela:  the Bolivarian Constitution and the 2000 Elections, The Carter Center, April 2001 (with Laura Neuman).

The U.S. and Latin America in the New Millennium: Outlook and Priorities.  Prepared Statement presented to the Western Hemisphere Subcommittee of the House Foreign Relations Committee, U.S. Congress, March 15, 2000.

Transparency in the Americas: Report of a Conference, The Carter Center, November 1999 (contributor).

The Observation of the 1998 Venezuela Elections, The Carter Center, March 1999 (with Harold Trinkunas).

The Observation of the 1996 Nicaragua Elections, Special Report, The Carter Center,  March, 1997  (principal author).

Nicaraguan  Elections and  Property Disputes, Prepared Statement presented to the Western Hemisphere  Subcommittee of the House Foreign Relations committee, U.S. Congress, April 1996.

Nicaragua Pre-election Report: Voter Registration, The Carter Center, June 1996 (principal author).

Nicaragua Pre-election   Report: Campaign and Election Preparations, The Carter Center, September 1996 (principal author).

Haiti: Prospects for Political and Economic Reconstruction, World Peace Foundation Report No. 10, November 1995 (sole author).

Invited Intrusion: International Election-monitoring and the Evolving Concept of Sovereignty, Working Paper, Georgia Consortium on Conflict Resolution, July 1995 (sole author).

Report on a Property Issues Conference in Nicaragua, The Carter Center, July 1995 (principal author).

Nicaraguan Property Disputes, Report of The Carter Center, April 1995 (contributing author).

The August 21, 1994 Mexican National Elections: 4th Report, The Carter Center, August 21, 1994 (sole author).

Elections in Mexico: 3rd Report, The Carter Center, August 1, 1994 (sole author).

Electoral Reform  in  Mexico, Occasional Paper, Vol 4, The Carter Center,  November 1993 (contributing author).

Mexican Electoral Reforms, Prepared Statement  presented to the Western Hemisphere Subcommittee and the International Organization Subcommittee of the House Foreign Relations Committee, U.S. Congress, April 20, 1994.                 

Economic and Political Situation in Nicaragua, Prepared Statement presented to the Subcommittee on Western Hemispheric Affairs, House Foreign Relations Committee, Washington, D.C., March 13, 1991.

Observing the Nicaraguan Election: Report of Council of Freely-Elected Heads of Government Observer Delegation,  Special Report #1 of The Carter Center of Emory University, July 1990 (Principal Author).

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