A Scarf

Let me introduce you my favorite scarf ever: it is in a basic, bald grey color, which looks a little bit too mature on me for my age. Plus, it is too long, I will need to twine it multiple times on my neck to make it fit properly. Because of that, wearing it on makes me hard to breath sometimes and I feel extra unwieldy. Anyway, a tiny little defect won’t affect any of my love for it because it has tons of merits: it is comfy, and… It was made by my grandma.

I told her multiple times, the winter here is not that cold as my hometown in China, and I am almost 20 now, I have the basic ability to take care of myself, like wearing proper seasonal clothes and not freezing myself to death. But she won’t listen. She insisted to hand knit a scarf, mail it to the other side of the globe, to her granddaughter. I said I could just buy one from the mall here, so she didn’t need to be so tired to do all these by hand. She’s 75 years old and I worry about her as much as she worries about me. She said proudly, “No scarf in the world can compare with mine!” I totally agree with her, the scarf she knitted is the most comfortable and warmest scarf I’ve ever seen. It seems like it has magic, when I wear it, I feel warm from the inside. I love this scarf, as much as I love you, my grandma.


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