A Painting by Me

Honestly, I am a little embarrassed to admit I painted this. I know, I don’t have much talent on painting, but I’m still going to display this at the most conspicuous spot in my room.

About four years ago, my cousin found this poor kitten on the street and he brought the kitten home with no hesitation. So, sudden but destined, we had a new family member. We named him Mona — yes, it’s a “him”, and yes, we gave him a girl name, don’t judge me, I didn’t know! This was the first time I have a real pet, not a stuffed animal, not a plastic plant, but a living, breathing, charming little kitten! I was too overwhelmed, even forgot to take pictures. I wanted to save this moment physically, but not only in my memory. That’s the reason why I painted this picture.


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