A Jade Necklace

My grandma gave this jade necklace to me when I was a kid. She put it on for me and told me this was passed down to her from her grandmother. She asked me to wear it all the time and said it will protect me.

As I grow up, I never took it off, except for a few times I had to change the necklace chain because the it was almost broken. I get way too used to this necklace, sometimes I even forget its existence. I guess the necklace doesn’t want me to ignore it, so it shocks and freezes me at winter mornings all the time. It never bothers me, until my high school prom night. The necklace was too outstanding, didn’t match with my prom dress at all. I tried to take it off but realized the chain was too short to go through my head. I could only cut the chain to take it off, which was no big deal, I could simply replace it with some other chain. I was holding the scissors but hesitated. I didn’t know why, but I couldn’t do it. It seems like the necklace already became a part of me for these years, I just couldn’t break it on purpose. I knew that jade has a special meaning in Chinese culture, but I didn’t understand why back then. Now it seems to make sense to me.


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