English 3105, or Practical Grammar, was taught by Dr. Melinda Snow in the Fall semester of 2013.  As with ENGL 3050, the audience of the essay was the professor, but unlike the aforementioned class, our secondary audience was anyone who had already read the selection about which we were writing, in my case, “After Apple Picking” by Robert Frost.  Our literary analysis was designed to explain the literary devices within it as if the audience had never heard of them before.

I selected this essay because it is an example of formulaic writing.  Further, it demonstrates a lack of confidence in my own voice as a writer, but then we must also remember that it was written as an essay for a grammar class.  If ever there was a time that I felt that I had to “play by the rules,” it was here.  Even in the midst of my fear of grammatical errors; though, the piece does a good job of explaining the main point.  The things that are lacking are style, smooth transitions, and original organization.  While these missing qualities may be a result of the audience, I believe that now I could return to the piece and improve upon it by being bold in each of these categories.