ENGL 4320, or the Sr. Seminar, is one of the last courses that I am presently enrolled in at Georgia State.   Again, my professor is Dr. Wharton, and we have activated a blog on this WordPress site as a place for us to engage with our readings.  The style of these blog posts is slightly informal even while they engage difficult readings.    As a Creative Thinking Through Writing assignment, this artifact is supposed to draw two readings together from the course in about 700 words.  The connection between them and actual readings that we choose are up to us, as is bringing their message to life through digital media.  For the blog, we might consider the audience to be our classmates, Dr. Wharton, and anyone who might find sites.gsu.edu.

Though this artifact is an informal blog post, my site layout, use of images and videos, and relaxed organizational style point to a stronger voice than I began my studies with.  There is an ease about the blog that sharply contrasts the staunch of my Practical Grammar paper, but then, that is to be expected because of the genre.  I do not consider this particular artifact to signify the height of my academic achievement.  In fact, I would engage more with the texts if I could do it again, but this blog post does stand as the last of many artifacts that tell a story of my time at Georgia State University.

Response1: Derrida and Hunter