The Lifestyle of Walking



“12 Benefits of Walking.” Walking Program. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Mar. 2016.

In a previous annotated bibliography I discussed an article on how walking reduces cholesterol and prevents disease while improving weight loss. In this article by the Arthritis foundation, shows evidence and proof how walking does prevent disease and is highly beneficial to the body. This article actually discusses and analyzes more benefits from walking than the previous. Walking can lead to a better longer and healthier life. Walking is scientifically proven to reduce stress, create a healthier longer life (assuming you don’t harm your body with toxins), and, what we all try to get more of each and every day, improve sleep. This article doesn’t just explain how walking improves your health, but it discusses how walking is a lifestyle that improves your all around life. Walking at least once a day for at least thirty minutes is all it takes for an individual to change his life around. A color walk is just one of the numerous ways we can start to become healthier and have a better lifestyle.

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