Color Walking and Our Vision


Pappas, Stephanie. “How Do We See Color?” LiveScience. TechMedia Network, 29 Apr. 2010. Web. 24 Mar. 2016.

Why do certain colors and objects catch our eyes better than others? Color walks are and interesting way of exploring the world around us and really open our eyes up to colors that are very vibrant. The reason we see these colors more efficiently than some others is due to wavelengths given off of the objects. This article helps explain why when we go on color runs we get sent in the directions we do. This article explains how we see color and why things that appear brighter give off a stronger wavelength compared to those colors that are duller in the human eye. On average we tend to see around four hundred (lowest light we can see without going into ultraviolet waves) to seven hundred (towards the higher end of the spectrum, usually your reds) nanometers of wavelengths. The human eye is one of the best to recognize color in the entire mammalian phylum according to the article. With our three cone type eyes, we tend to catch colors more vibrantly than other animals.

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