Annotated Bib. 1

 “East Atlanta Community Association.” East Atlanta Community Association. Towfiq I, n.d. Web. 04 Feb. 2016.

This article gives historical background information on the area of East Atlanta in a timeline format which is made easy for its reader. As a writer composing a blog on Moreland Avenue, this article is very beneficial to me because it allows me to study the history of the area and what makes it thrive and brings revenue to this specific area. This article also provides me with the demographics of the area which allows for more interpretation of the cultural background of the environment. Recently, (1981, as stated in the article) East Atlanta has become a “sense of a community in the neighborhood and work to improve the quality of life” around that area. Now populated with bars, restaurants, and popular music culture, East Atlanta is a convenient location off of Moreland Ave. that many people enjoy each and every day.

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