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Annotated Bib #10: City of Atlanta, GA


The official website for the city of Atlanta was constructed by a number of individuals. This website was constructed to offer information about the city and promote it’s business reputation. This claim can be supported by the “visitor” tab, “doing business” tab, and the home page. The website offers a number of different links to further your knowledge of the city. The intended audience of this website would be for contractors and business men and women.

This source is useful to incoming residents and tourists. The website offers a significant amount of pages that are associated with the website. The website is also update-to-date, which is also useful to a researcher. This helps the researcher to decide how credible the information may be. A weakness for this source is that the contributors are unidentified, but fortunate for the researcher the website is a government official website. This means that all things on the website must be true. The website is also very easy to navigate and this feature is a great benefit to any researcher.