Intersectionality in the American South

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Collins Airhihenbuwa, Member of Intersectionality in the American South (IAS), Examines Adaptation Strategies in HIV Prevention: A Case Study of the ‘4 Youth by Youth Project’ in Nigeria


Collins Airhihenbuwa, a member of Intersectionality in the American South (IAS), has undertaken a significant research endeavor. This research delves into the adaptation strategies of an HIV prevention intervention among youth in Nigeria, focusing on the ‘4 Youth by Youth Project.’ This case study aims to shed light on the reasons for adaptations, the adaptation process, and the outcomes of these adaptations, specifically in the context of promoting HIV prevention services, including HIV self-testing (HIVST).


While numerous behavioral interventions are adapted to suit specific contexts and populations, there is a dearth of knowledge surrounding the rationale behind these adaptations and the influences that shape them. This research seeks to bridge this gap by examining the intricacies of adaptations made to enhance the delivery of HIV prevention services, with a particular focus on HIV self-testing, for the youth in Nigeria. By scrutinizing the ‘4 Youth by Youth Project,’ this study contributes to a better understanding of the adaptation process, its drivers, and the implications of these adaptations within the Nigerian context.


bgoluguri1 • October 24, 2023

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