Intersectionality in the American South

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Black Popular Culture and Social Justice: Beyond Entertainment by Dr. Lakeyta Bonnette-Bailey and Jonathan Gayles

Introducing a compelling work by Dr. Lakeyta Bonnette-Bailey, Co-Director for the Center for the Advancement of Students and Alumni (CASA), and Jonathan Gayles, Chair of African-American Studies, a groundbreaking book titled “Black Popular Culture and Social Justice: Beyond Entertainment.”

This volume offers an in-depth exploration of the profound impact of Black popular culture in the realm of social justice. It contends that Black popular culture transcends mere entertainment, playing a vital role in engaging, reflecting, and dissecting social justice issues. The authors delve into the intricate ways in which Black popular culture interacts with social justice concerns, with a particular focus on combating anti-Black racism.

“Black Popular Culture and Social Justice” provides a systematic analysis of the influence of music, comic books, literature, film, television, and public art in shaping perspectives and challenging oppression. The book not only identifies cultural forms but also illuminates how these elements contribute to the broader discourse on social justice. It scrutinizes the endeavors of artists, scholars, and activists who have used Black popular culture as a medium to address various critical issues, including criminal justice reform, racism, sexism, LGBTQIA rights, voting rights, and human rights.

This timely and insightful book is an invaluable resource for students and scholars interested in the intersections of race and media, popular culture, gender studies, sociology, political science, and social justice. “Black Popular Culture and Social Justice” opens a window into the transformative power of Black popular culture as a catalyst for positive change in society.

bgoluguri1 • October 24, 2023

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