Last semester, as a Student Innovation Fellow, the journey was quite exciting and fun because I got to gain practical knowledge rather than the theoretical learning. I worked on 3D Atlanta, Glass plate negative and VR game which was huge learning experiences for me. The most challenging task during last semester was to figure out the best way to stitch photos and I believe Adobe Photoshop is the best suited software as it allows us to manually stitch photos. Some of the automated software like Hugin didn’t work because of the quality of available photos. I am glad that I made a YouTube tutorial on it as the video would help others ease into the process of stitching photos.

I had a fantastic summer as I worked as a Software Development Intern at Vertafore. It was an awesome experience for me because this was my first exposure to corporate life in the USA. The work culture was quite different from the country I came from and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My mentor and colleagues were extremely helpful. I worked on front end testing and some of my responsibilities were:

  • Front end test development – Selenium WebDriver and Protractor using a mock backend.
  • Collaboration with the Product Manager to outline behaviors for new features
  • Mock object creation using JSON
  • Testing framework development
  • Page object creation using dynamic id as selectors
  • Unit test development in JavaScript using Jasmine
  • API test development for the new end points created on server

My summer ended on a high note as I learnt new technologies like selenium, protractor, node.js, JSON. I am excited to be back as a Student Innovation fellow as I will get to apply the knowledge I have gained at Vertafore and learn more from the projects i’ll be working on in this semester.

I am currently working on a digital humanities project called the Hoccleve Archive, which is a digital edition of Thomas Hoccleve’s early 15th century poem, the Regiment of Princes. It’s been two weeks in the project and I came up with a solution to display line numbers accurately. The next task for us is creating a search functionality for a selected word which would search the poem/lexicon for that word and return the results with word, line number and parts of speech.

I am also working on 3D Atlanta where I will model the Olympia building as shown in the below image. This is the present day Walgreen’s building located near the Five Points Marta.



Additionally, I am guiding the newbies on getting started with Blender by providing them with tutorials and once they get comfortable, we would start creating basic frames for the Unpacking Manuel’s project and eventually into creating buildings for 3D Atlanta.

As always I am excited to be a part of interesting projects this semester and I hope to learn, explore and share knowledge around new technologies and innovations. I look forward to share more updates in my next blog!