As part of our efforts to map historic Atlanta, SIF fellows have been geo-tagging a collection of glass plate negative photographs from the 1920’s. These beautiful images provide rare glimpses into the area around the Five Points Metro Station, and are particularly noteworthy for showing a number of storefronts that would be submerged by the viaduct into what became known as “Underground Atlanta” just before construction began.

Once the images are geo-tagged, they can be usedĀ in a variety of ongoing SIF projects describing the development of Atlanta as an urban space, and be used to populate our 3-D virtual recreation of Atlanta.


Interactive stitched photograph:

Glass Plate Geo-Tagging Project Tutorial:


How we spliced together the historic photos:

More completely-stitched photographs (click on image to see full-resolution version):

(85-87) Pryor Street SW_1 (75-87) Alabama SW Dunn_Yarborough_Final JM_ALexander___Hunter_Garage_Full