As CURVE begins to gain “regulars” , “newbie” traffic, and large intellectual groups I continue to see the growth and resources that the CURVE space is able to provide for not just GSU students but the community. The visuals in the space are incredible and it is a daunting task coming up with ways to optimize all the resources that the CURVE space provides. As the weeks go by and seminars, classes, and research groups have come in and out of CURVE, its become a bit more clear the type of students and researchers that CURVE is meant to attract. These ambitious intellectuals are seeking knowledge on their own personal interest or to improve their abilities in the subject matter at hand. As a SIF member of two innovative projects as well as computer science major, the amount of knowledge that is out there simply by meeting the right people and gaining meaningful relationships has impacted me in being proactive to seek these opportunities much more especially when it is to gain that connection for a job or internship or simply for personal knowledge.

One specific  The entrepreneur workshop seemed very useful in not only the sense of helping guide entrepreneurs and giving them the tools to succeed on their own but also to provide them opportunities to network. Specifically a guest speaker was brought to the workshop. The speaker named MK was a GSU alumni who has been the successful business  owner of 3 companies and was now working on developing two other companies. MK seemed very passionate about giving the attendees of the workshop helpful knowledge and tips on how to successfully start their own business and this was rooted in his wish to give back to the GSU community that molded him into a successful business man. He mentioned several times his bias towards GSU students for internships and his need for people for his teams. These statements jumped out at me. The fact that the GSU community from current students, to faculty, to alumni can all connect with each other and provide each other with unbeatable opportunities to get ahead amazes me. I was very proud that CURVE was able to host such an event and bring such ambitious and successful people to GSU.

I am excited to see what other opportunities CURVE can bring not only to GSU but to the community as well!

until next time,

Alexandra Orrego