Reading Summary 2

“His & Her: Designing for a Post-Gender Society” by Suzanne Tick is an article that evaluates the depiction of gender and the influence of acceptance in this changing society. Accommodating all ‘genders’ is something all designers “should focus a critical eye on society’s issues, need to work within this discourse and help promote acceptance and […]

Reading Summary 1

“Making Bathrooms More ‘Accomodating’” by Emily Bazelzon examines the issues associated with transgender people and bathrooms. Bazelzon addresses in her introduction how society and the ‘norm’ has put a strain on those who see a problem with labeling public places “Transgender people..are asking society to rethink all of this, from signs, to design to who […]

Uncovering New York’s ‘Ugly Truth’ truth Photography- A Tapestry of Space Summary

To completely understand “Tapestry of Space: Domestic Architecture and Underground communities in Margaret Morton’s Photography of a Forgotten New York” by Irina Nersessova you have to comprehend her primary and secondary research. Nersessova’s purpose in writing this complex analysis of public space in New York in the 1990s is to uncover the real New York […]

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