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DG #1) As I clicked on the ‘News’ tab on the main website, it directed me to the latest Hawks News. The lastest 4 articles include pieces from April 5th and 6th. One article reads “Former Hawks Star Zelmo Beaty To Be Enshrined Into Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall Of Fame.” The Hawks news is ran by the web designers and journalists for the team. They include tags for each article so it’s easy for readers to read and distinguish.
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DG #2) The Atlanta Hawks provide summer camps for youth interested in basketball. They write a description of what the JR Hawks Summer camp is all about. They state that “It’s is designed to give Atlanta youth the ultimate basketball experience through our various Camps and Clinics. Our goal is to support the positive benefits attained through the sport of basketball by emphasizing sportsmanship, respect, teamwork and healthy living.” They also give instructions on how to sign up and what you need in order to register. They provide pictures and advertise for the camp so fans and people interested can join, under the community tab. Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 9.53.33 PM

DG #3)
The ticket tab lead me to a page where I had a choice between Playoff tickets, Membership tickets, and single game tickets.I clicked on the Playoff tickets and it led me to When I clicked on the membership option, it just gave me more information about how to become a member and how tickets are disturbed with membership. The single ticket option lead me to a page where I could view 3D Seating, finding tickets to games and again membership. On the same page, on the right there’s a form people could fill out to ‘Join the team,’ it states that it gives you more information on ticketing when you become a member by emailing you information and newsletters.
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DG #4)
The Cheerleader tab leads me to what looks like another page. It has three cheerleaders to the right and three cheerleaders to the left of the sign “Atlanta Hawks Cheerleaders.” The sign is in lime green and red colors, colors of the Atlanta Hawks. The cheerleaders are all wearing red lipstick and Hawks cheerleading uniforms. They also have tabs on this website that include ‘Home, Roster, Photos, video, and contact.’ It states that you can rent the cheerleaders for an event or party. They have a continuous slideshow running that advertises alumni, audition, and even a chance to win ‘hanging out with the cheerleaders.’
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DG #5)
Under the ‘team’ tab, I found the roster for the Atlanta Hawks. In alphabetical order it list the players for the basketball team. It includes a picture, the position of the players, their number, and their name. Underneath the roster is the the names of the coaches for the team, and it does not include a picture. Near the tab for the roster, I observed ‘leaders, team stats, players stats’ tabs as well. All of these help give more information about the team to those interested.
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