Built Environment Description of the Atlanta Hawks website

        The Atlanta Hawks official website is directly under the National Basketball Association’s webiste, nba.com/hawks . As soon I went on the website, a huge ad for the Hawks’ playoffs popped up. There’s a huge picture of Al Horford holding a basketball, and to the right in huge letters “Atlanta Hawks Playoffs: True Believes It’s time to stay #TruetoAtlanta Playoff tickets are on sale now!” Underneath that it gives the option to either buy tickets or continue to the Hawks’ website.
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        I proceeded to the website to further observe it. At the top of the main page there’s the NBA’s website with tabs next to it. These tabs are ‘Global, Teams, D-League, WNBA, and the NBA Store.’ The top of the page where the links and website is, is the color scheme of the National Basketball Association: red, white and blue. A thin lime green strip separates the NBA’s links from the actual Hawk website. Underneath the strip on left is the Hawks logo, which looks like a an outline of a profile of a hawk in red and white. To the right of the logo, one can see tabs where fans can explore. These tabs include “Teams, Schedule, Tickets, News, Cheerleaders, Hawks Shop, Community, and more.” Each tab has a drop down options with subgroups. To the right of the tabs are small pictures of social media outlets, which lead to the team’s fan pages on each platform. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are included. To the absolute right of that is the website’s search bar.

       The Hawks website seems to have a lot of information regarding the team. Something that is evident is the team’s previous game, upcoming game, and even on going game near the middle of the page. It includes the teams they play, the score and even where they play. As I observe the website some more, I notice that the Hawks are currently playing the Toronto Raptors, and they’re in the first half of the game.
Something else that I notice is the KIA ad on the website. “The Pulse Driven by KIA.”

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      There are about 9 featured videos and articles on the website. The biggest one currently is a video that says “11-year-old gets into Hawks’ Starting Lineup.” All the videos and articles are black and white until you have the mouse on them. The websites’ theme is that of the Atlanta Hawks. It has a black and grey patterned background and red and green tabs.

      Something I observed is the photo and video galleries are located at the bottom of the page, along with additional information. The additional information includes membership info, the roster, job opportunities, Ticket resale, staff directory, group tickets. Something interesting I didn’t notice is that NBA.com is a part of Turner Sports Digital group. It states that at the very bottom. This website truly represents the Hawks and the team as a whole. Its easy to navigate and find your way around it.
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