B.E.D Digital Records of The Flying Biscuit Cafe

     This is the first picture I took of The Flying Biscuits Cafe. I noticed the kitchen and island are visible to customers when initially arriving. The island is surrounded by stools. There were about 20 tables in the main restaurant, most aren’t visible in this picture. The cafe displayed art from every angle. Colors and patterns were very evident in restaurant and the abundance of art can be seen in this image. The walls were painted pink, blue, and purple, while the ceiling was painted a deep purple. There’s a frame of the cafe’s logo on top of the kitchen.


     Here is an image of the The Flying Biscuits detailed menu that was laminated. You can see I took it on top of my table. The table was covered in a scotch tape that has flowers and vibrant colors on it. The menu consisted of “Starters, Featured Favorites, Signature Salads, Sandwiches, Sides, and Dessert.” The menu presents southern comfort food with a twist that is fairly priced. The prices ranges from $2.69 to $13.99.

     From where I was sitting I could see the chefs taking in orders and making them. This picture shows one chef looking at an order and one cooking. This picture also shows the opening that near the walk way where the chefs and servers communicate. I noticed fresh biscuits to the right of the opening where the servers easily plated them nearly on every plate. Every 10-15 minutes a new pan of steamy biscuits were put out. Under the opening I observed dishes and condiments on on a cart. In this picture you can also see an accomplishment plastered on the wall to the right of the opening.

     This is an audio recording of the restaurant. If you listen closely you can here a server taking orders.

      This is another audio recording of the Cafe. The music in the background help give off a southern feel to the Flying Biscuit Cafe.

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