Dupree, Nathalie, and Cynthia Graubart. “The Flying Biscuit.” Atlanta Magazine. Atlanta Magazine, 23 May 2011. Web. 03 Mar. 2016.
Nathalie Dupree, a chef and the author of ‘New Southern Cooking,’ and Cynthia Graubart, also a chef and author, write this article to glorify the famous biscuits that come from The Flying Biscuit Café. They are qualified to write this article because both of these women have went to culinary school and studied southern cooking and went as far as writing books on the topic. The used the recipe of the famous biscuits and experience in this article. The authors’ purpose was to give instruction on how to make the biscuits and to inform readers of how good they are. “The Flying Biscuit Cafe is reputed to have the best biscuit in Atlanta.” The readers of Atlanta magazine are the intended audience. People who are looking to make these biscuits and want to know a little more about the café and what has made it so popular. “They churn them out day after day, and moans of pleasure can be heard out on the street by the lines of young and old waiting for a seat.” This source is useful because it reflects on the biscuits that made this café important to Atlanta. The interior has been seen as unique and a home feel to it, along with the smell of the biscuits.

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