Berta, Dina. “Q&A Champion: Flying Biscuit’s Ideal Servers.” Nation’s Restaurant News 10 Dec. 2007: 18. Business Source Corporate [EBSCO]. Web. 22 Feb. 2016.
Dina Berta, a journalist for ‘Nation’s Restaurant News’ writes an article about her conversation with the founder of Flying Biscuits Café that uncovers the ‘business side of the franchise’. The evidence used to support the text is an actual interview Berta had with Delia Champion, Flying Biscuit’s founder; also Berta uses some facts about Champion and the awards she has won as a businesswoman. Berta’s purpose in writing this article is to show how the founder chooses people to be a franchisee and to see how risks are necessary in completing a dream. Champion: “ Whenever I have the opportunity to mentor others I tell them… make choice you don’t regret…I would have regretted not trying to have my own café.” This article is directed towards people looking to own their own restaurant or even managing one. It’s useful because it gives a background on the principles this café was built on and how to own a franchise. Berta also asks Champion how the café maintains its “neighborhood, independent feel as a franchise.” This question helps the audience see the purpose of the article and hopefully take from it.
Pictured in this image is the founder of Flying Biscuits, Delia Champion. This picture was used in the article.

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