Lauterbach, Christiane. “Come Fly With Me.” Atlanta Magazine Jan. 2006: 188-89. Galileo. Web. 21 Feb. 2016.

Christiane Lauterbach, a journalist for Atlanta magazine, is a food enthusiast who writes in this article about Flying Biscuit Café being a unique restaurant that has made “an art of comfort food.” Lauterbach writes ‘Come Fly with Me’ as she visits the restaurant in hopes of seeing why it has become so popular in the city in the last decade. The evidence she uses is from her experience at the café. She goes into detail about the different combinations of comfort food. The author’s purpose is to recognize the Flying Biscuit as a restaurant that thrives in Atlanta and is seen as gourmet home food. Lauterbach also gives some background on the café The intended audience is Atlanta magazine readers and the people who are interested in seeing a different Atlanta.. The source is useful because it gives insight on Flying Biscuit and what it’s kitchen has to offer. Its useful to my interior environment because it sums up what the general public thinks of this seemingly famous café.
Flying Biscuits Logo since it first opened in 1993

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