B.E.D Lenox Square

As I arrived to Lenox Square in Atlanta, GA near Buckhead, I became as observant and open minded, as I could be. I wanted to take note of everything I saw and look at Lenox in a different light. I sat on a bench at the front of the main entrance, near a parking lot Thursday night, February 11. For starters, I noticed Lenoxs’ surroundings and how bright everything seemed to be. In this well lit environment, there was about 20 huge light posts, and lights coming from all directions, even lights toward the entrance and the name ‘Lenox Square,’ all within a 1 mile radius. Everything in Lenoxs’ surrounding seemed to go well together.The tall building that overlook Lenox, make the environment brighter, it’s also are modern and up to date, sort of like Lenox.

Lenox square main entrance consists of big block letters ‘LENOX SQUARE’, huge glass window panes, and marble around its trim, and glass revolving doors that were decorated with plants inside them. The revolving doors were accompanied by a shade that was also composed of glass and stainless steel dividers. The exterior looked very is very high cultured and looks like it’s been made by someone with modern and exquisite taste. To the right of the entrance there are three restaurants: True Food, Zin burger, and Sprinkles. On the left there’s a huge Nike store, a Cheesecake Factory, and a Macy’s department store. In between the Macy’s and the Cheesecake Factory is a walkway, and near the road there’s a roundabout. The valet, also connects to the road where the roundabout is. It’s located in front entrance, where there’s a booth with three men standing behind it. I noticed people waiting for their cars, and also paying the valet. The cars aligned, near the valet, were no ordinary cars, but cars that were luxury brand most with newer models.

As I sat and observed everything I notice how seemingly quite it was. The only noise I really heard was of small chatter and cars passing by. Mostly everyone passing by coming from the mall seemed to have multiple shopping bags. Most shopping bags were from Zara, Macy’s, Forever 21, and Pandora. But everyone seemed to be on their merry way, some busy on the phone or talking to a friend or family member. The people dressed for the mall was different then I have previously notice. Most people were in business attire, or nice casual wear. These people seemed to be of a high financial status because of the name brand they were wearing and fancy car they were driving. In the 45 minutes I was there I had seen about 30 Porsches pass by, and even more Mercedes Benzs.

My time at Lenox Square was everything I expected and a little more. As I observed the built environment, I took a minute to reflect where I was in Atlanta, and the people surrounding me. An overall great, but seemingly repetitive experience.


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