Bove, Jessie. “Atlanta’s Lenox Square Adds Upscale Wing.” Ebscohost. Display & Design Ideas, Feb. 2008. Web. 4 Feb. 2016.

This article written by Jessie Bove, Associate Editor of Display & Design Ideas, explains Lenox as the upscale mall it is. It addresses the people who shop there and its location. It does into detail about the architecture and how Lenox was bulit. Lenox Square has gone through multiple renovations and expansions for huge luxury department stores, like Neiman Marcus. “The design themes from the existing mall were incorporated into the new wing, including the creation of a town court area in front of the department store and marble and granite finishes used for the new floors and columns.” Jessie Bove continues to describes it’s environment as “This elegant and upscale.” Jessie Bove wrote this article to the architects and community who notice the changes occurring in this community. The conclusion of this article is that the renovations and designs that help build this new Lenox has caused a new era and has brought more people of higher status and wealth.

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