Banjo, Shelly. Molla, Rani. “These Malls Didn’t Get the Memo They’re Dying.” Bloomberg. Bloomberg Company, 23 Dec. 2015. Web. 4 Feb. 2016.

This Article by Shelly Banjo and Rani Molla is about middle class malls going under while malls with ‘A++’ grades become more and more popular. These women, who are journalists and consumers of information on social discrimination, provide statistics and facts on the issue of upper class malls such as Lenox Square. The malls that aren’t doing too well are because malls that are in better and richer areas. “Take the retail market in Atlanta, Georgia, for example. Population, jobs, and home values are growing, helped by a concentration of Fortune 500 companies. The city counts more than a dozen malls, but only one gets an A++ grade from…Lenox Square” This is in regards to the built environment of the area and how the mall is so successful.

I chose this source because it seems to back up the idea that the built environment helps contribute to the mall’s success and the people it attracts. I think the audience Banjo and Molla are trying to reach are consumers and people who want to know more about social discrimination.It provides statistics and research that supports my analysis on Lenox Square by comparing lower grade malls.
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  1. Interesting. The important factor here between the mall as a “built environment” and its popularity seems to be this “A++” rating. What is that? It’s not a “built” thing, is it? Or does the rating reflect the quality or style or size of the material building? And Lenox Mall isn’t actually in Atlanta, is it?

    1. “A++” is a rating that addresses the quality of the mall and how upscale it is, so the rating does reflect the quality and style of the mall. Lenox Mall is located in Atlanta. Their address: 3393 Peachtree Rd, Atlanta, GA 30326

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