Class Notes 1/26–

summary was due yesterday 1/25 @ 11:59pm
Mrs. A will give you by Thursday’s class
content & style
-what is rhetoric?
‘how a person talks’ go to G2W to find out

author–>audience–>purpose thesis–>author–>audience–>purpose thesis–>author–>audience–>purpose thesis

digital literacy-is a person’s awareness of digital environment and it’s effects people
summary(communicating your understanding)
Being Objective and moving away from subjective work


-primary & secondary source
primary- main source; an original source; archive
secondary- supports primary source
(google scholars)

-citing sources and avoiding plagiarism

annotated bibliography
-summary, who is the author and why can they speak on the subject
1)author, qualification, name, text, thesis 2)what kind of evidence? 3)author’s purpose 4) who is the intended audience?
quality–academic or ‘scholarly’ source
make sure you sign up for “exterior”
–detailed observation is great for your analysis

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