“Angry Young Man”

The “angry young man” phrase refers to the role of on-screen actors in which they are the perfect saviors and lovers. However, with upholding the pride of this role, women suffered within their roles. The angry young man would fight off villains, be possessive, stalk, abuse, and save the “damsel in distress.” What did the woman gain? Her only role is to showcase a terrified  woman whose soul purpose is to love the man no matter what he does and that without a man she would not be able to do anything. The pictures show that this phrase is still into circulation today. What started with Amitabh Bachan is now being penned with Shahid Kapoor’s movie, Kabir Singh. This recent film shows an angry, male alpha who can do anything he wants and also slaps the actress in the movie. However, the many people sided with that this how men are and should be and it is a woman’s duty to love her man.  



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