As much as Bollywood seems to be far away to adopting female led movies, there has been recent changes. From the iconic movie Queen to Neerja, women are slowly becoming a focal point. Other than just the cast itself, many scripts are being written to cast towards female problems relating to the world today. Although a male led movie, Padman, highlighted the notion of a serious problem of women in India embarking on the importance of using a pad. A husband goes through countless struggles to make a pad for his wife as the one sold in his village is too expensive and due to this many women end up using cloth. Veere Di Wedding, a comedy, focused on what a women wants and she too can break the boundaries of society. Casting a story of four strong women, this film showed what it truly is to be a woman from emotions to pleasure to making it known to society that girls are not here just for taking care of boys. Slowly, these movies are being adopted and it will take a while. Bollywood movies have cast a mentality and they are supposed to be “a certain way.” Breaking from this boundary will take ages, however this trend is being shattered with the changing generation.  


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