Larger Significance

This is an important aspect to care about. Representation of women plays a large role in the world today where women have just begun to shine through. Looking at my personal background, I love to watch Bollywood movies. When I was younger, the repetitive storyline of movies set a fact in my mind that this is how Bollywood should be. However, with changing times and more knowledge on certain topics, I was able to see exactly how these movies affect in the long term and the message they spread in connection to women. There is always a damsel in distress or a weakness associated with actresses. Women have so much more to provide than just be a form of entertainment. Accomplished actresses who have gotten past this misogyny are changing the direction. But this acceptance of encouraging female-led movies, diminishes the concept of misogyny and emphasizes how important women are to cinema than just being for the “male gaze.” This starts with the people. The audience is the main culprit in encouraging this misogyny. Filmmakers will create what they know the audience wants to see. However if the audience changes their outlook then women in India can climb the ladder and be of equal level as men. 

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