Reflection #1

Reflection Paper 1

Reflection Paper 1

As I reflect on my experiences in Design of Performance and Instructional Systems, I am intrigued by the field of instructional design and technology and the number of disciplines that are encompassed within. I am not sure why this had not occurred to me before, but I came upon this realization from one of the […]

Natasha Jackson Reading Reflection #1

One of the first articles we read this semester described the proper way to become an instructional technologist. The author discussed several different career paths that could potentially lead an individual to becoming an instructional technologist. The descriptions provided an example and understanding that there is not one certain or specific process one must take […]

Reflection #1 Derrick Summerville

At the start of the semester, we had to provide an introductory statement about ourselves our classes.  In one particular response, a question was asked, “How is Instructional Design and Technology will be of use to a Minister of Music?” When I inform people that I am in graduate school, and I tell them my […]

Reflection Paper #1: Who is B.C. and What Does He Do?

R                 “Who is B.C. and what does he do?” This intriguing question has followed me several years and fueled my curiosity and encouragement to apply for admissions into the Masters of Instructional Design and Technology program at Georgia State University.   I am confident that my past experiences and formal education are totally aligned with […]

Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper This class is interesting to me. From trying to understand the functions of instructional learning to learning how to apply it to my everyday life/profession. I have always been of the mindset that no matter what I am learning, make an effort to apply it to my daily life and other areas of […]

First Reading Reflection — J Pratt

This class, along with 8150 (Project Management) is my introduction to the Instructional Design program at GSU and to the field itself. Dr. Richardson’s iCollege section is very well-organized and I have enjoyed the modular nature of our readings, how they form a cohesive unit, supporting each other and the textbooks. This format, with class […]

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