Natasha’s Reading Reflection #3

We have discussed several topics throughout this semester and have gained a great amount of introductory insight into the field of instructional design and have built a solid foundation for this program. One of the topics we read during the final portion of the semester is that of collaboration and communication. I believe that this […]

Natasha Jackson Reading Reflection #1

One of the first articles we read this semester described the proper way to become an instructional technologist. The author discussed several different career paths that could potentially lead an individual to becoming an instructional technologist. The descriptions provided an example and understanding that there is not one certain or specific process one must take […]

Ms. Natasha Jackson

Ms. Natasha Jackson

Natasha is an Atlanta native and recent graduate of Georgia State University. She recently earned her Bachelor’s degree in Human Learning and Development with a concentration in Learning Technology and Counseling. Natasha is currently enrolled in her first semester of completing her Master of Instructional Design and Technology. For the past year, she has worked […]

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