Reflection Paper #2 – Larry Thomas, Jr.

I have started to understand what it is that my major means. I have learned to apply it to my daily career objectives. The ADDIE module is what has been helping me to comprehend why certain functions are the way they are. When you have to pull reports and figure out different means of gathering […]

Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper This class is interesting to me. From trying to understand the functions of instructional learning to learning how to apply it to my everyday life/profession. I have always been of the mindset that no matter what I am learning, make an effort to apply it to my daily life and other areas of […]

Larry Thomas, Jr.

Larry Thomas, Jr.

I was born in Decatur, GA and from there I found my love of travel. I have been in higher education for about 15 years now. I was a recruiter for three different colleges & universities, Paine College (Augusta, GA); Kentucky State University (Frankfort, KY); & Johnson C Smith University (Charlotte, NC). Each of these […]

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