Right in the middle – Demonstrate Phase

Kokila Ravi Georgia State University Instructional Design and Technology Program December 12, 2019 Reflection Assignment #3 Chapter 10 of Cennamo and Kalk’s book Real World Instructional Design (2019) focuses on the Demonstration phase of an instructional design project.  This phase sits right in the middle of the 5 pronged phase of the instructional design process […]

Reflection Paper #2

Kokila Ravi Reflection Assignment #2 While reviewing methods of developing instructional strategies, I encountered again the strategy of chunking.  I have known about this concept earlier and had tried my very best to provide content in chunked format.  I understand that students’ short attention span demands that information is best absorbed when presented in bite […]

Article Review: Exploring Design Elements for Online Stem Courses: Active Learning, Engagement & Assessment Design

Kokila Ravi Chen, B., Bastedo, K., & Howard, W. (2018). Exploring Design Elements for Online STEM Courses: Active Learning, Interaction & Assessment Design. Online Learning, 22(2). doi: 10.24059/olj. v22i2.1369 Article Summary: This article aims to identify effective design elements for online courses in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Medicine fields at a large four-year public university in southeastern […]

Reading Reflections #1

LEARNERS AT THE HEART OF ONLINE COURSE DESIGN Kokila Ravi, Georgia State University While we have always known that learners are at the center of the teaching learning experience, this course has brought about a new awareness in me about the value of understanding learner characteristics and needs while designing an effective online learning environment.  […]

Kokila Ravi

Kokila Ravi

Kokila Ravi directs the online program at a University System of Georgia institution and has more than 20 years of experience spanning several aspects of online learning.  She has created, revised, reviewed, and evaluated several online courses for her institution as well as for the University System of Georgia’s eCampus. She also works with adult […]

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