November 2019

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Reflection Paper #2

Kokila Ravi Reflection Assignment #2 While reviewing methods of developing instructional strategies, I encountered again the strategy of chunking.  I have known about this concept earlier and had tried my very best to provide content in chunked format.  I understand that students’ short attention span demands that information is best absorbed when presented in bite […]

Reference Paper #2

Working in education reaffirms that I know exactly what Instructional Designers do, being in this program thus far has been teaching me why we do these things. It’s been a scenic route so far so I’m just enjoying the view… “What changes in thinking or performance should occur?” “How will you know these changes have […]

Reflection Paper #2 – Larry Thomas, Jr.

I have started to understand what it is that my major means. I have learned to apply it to my daily career objectives. The ADDIE module is what has been helping me to comprehend why certain functions are the way they are. When you have to pull reports and figure out different means of gathering […]

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