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Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper This class is interesting to me. From trying to understand the functions of instructional learning to learning how to apply it to my everyday life/profession. I have always been of the mindset that no matter what I am learning, make an effort to apply it to my daily life and other areas of […]

First Reading Reflection — J Pratt

This class, along with 8150 (Project Management) is my introduction to the Instructional Design program at GSU and to the field itself. Dr. Richardson’s iCollege section is very well-organized and I have enjoyed the modular nature of our readings, how they form a cohesive unit, supporting each other and the textbooks. This format, with class […]

Reflection #1 – Victoria Patterson

When I told my friends and family that I had decided to pursue a career in instructional design, they usually replied, “Sounds great! What is that, exactly?” I usually mumbled something about corporate training and e-learning modules, and then we moved on to another topic of conversation. Thanks to our readings, I can now discuss […]

Reflections #1 by Karla Jackson

I have had many “ah-ha” and overwhelming experiences throughout this class. While I have found some of the articles interesting, my learning has been most challenged reading the chapters within Cennamo & Kalk Real World Instructional Design (2019). The themes that caused me to reflect the most were the design models and learning objectives. The […]

Reading Reflection 1 by Bobby Desin

Fall 2019 4:30 Often friends and family ask me what instructional desgin is about, and until recently I didn’t have a great answer. Something along the lines of designing training materials was usually the explanation that sufficed. Still, people usually tossed me in the basket of some technology degree. To be fair, I was an […]

Ms. Natasha Jackson

Ms. Natasha Jackson

Natasha is an Atlanta native and recent graduate of Georgia State University. She recently earned her Bachelor’s degree in Human Learning and Development with a concentration in Learning Technology and Counseling. Natasha is currently enrolled in her first semester of completing her Master of Instructional Design and Technology. For the past year, she has worked […]

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