Natasha Jackson Reading Reflection #1

One of the first articles we read this semester described the proper way to become an instructional technologist. The author discussed several different career paths that could potentially lead an individual to becoming an instructional technologist. The descriptions provided an example and understanding that there is not one certain or specific process one must take to become an instructional designer or technologist.

As I reflect on my personal career journey and that of my fellow classmates, it is even clearer that instructional designers come various backgrounds and have vast career paths that can influence their experience as an instructional designer. From our group resume activity we discovered that our class is comprised of individuals from different professional backgrounds, but we share a common interest in either becoming an instructional designer or exploring the field to enhance our current experience. The author states, “My position is that there is not one way and that we should value the diversity of the people who make up our profession.” (Rieber, 1998)

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