September 24, 2019

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#1 Reflection

In my first reflection a paper I started my ruminating on my initial thoughts prior to enrolling for this class. Most of my professional background is in direct-services, but transitioning over into educational broadcasting and merging that with Family Engagement peeked my interest in Technological product-based work. Being that I don’t a have strong background […]

Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper This class is interesting to me. From trying to understand the functions of instructional learning to learning how to apply it to my everyday life/profession. I have always been of the mindset that no matter what I am learning, make an effort to apply it to my daily life and other areas of […]

First Reading Reflection — J Pratt

This class, along with 8150 (Project Management) is my introduction to the Instructional Design program at GSU and to the field itself. Dr. Richardson’s iCollege section is very well-organized and I have enjoyed the modular nature of our readings, how they form a cohesive unit, supporting each other and the textbooks. This format, with class […]

Reflection #1 – Victoria Patterson

When I told my friends and family that I had decided to pursue a career in instructional design, they usually replied, “Sounds great! What is that, exactly?” I usually mumbled something about corporate training and e-learning modules, and then we moved on to another topic of conversation. Thanks to our readings, I can now discuss […]

Reflections #1 by Karla Jackson

I have had many “ah-ha” and overwhelming experiences throughout this class. While I have found some of the articles interesting, my learning has been most challenged reading the chapters within Cennamo & Kalk Real World Instructional Design (2019). The themes that caused me to reflect the most were the design models and learning objectives. The […]

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