September 2019

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Reflection Paper 1

We have covered a lot of material since the first class on August 27, 2019.  Our first discussion topic was on “The Proper Way to Become an Instructional Technologist” by Lloyd Reiber.  Reading this paper gave me clarity on design theory and design practice. I agree with Lloyd Reiber in his closing statements, that there […]

Reading Reflections #1

LEARNERS AT THE HEART OF ONLINE COURSE DESIGN Kokila Ravi, Georgia State University While we have always known that learners are at the center of the teaching learning experience, this course has brought about a new awareness in me about the value of understanding learner characteristics and needs while designing an effective online learning environment.  […]

Natasha Jackson Reading Reflection #1

One of the first articles we read this semester described the proper way to become an instructional technologist. The author discussed several different career paths that could potentially lead an individual to becoming an instructional technologist. The descriptions provided an example and understanding that there is not one certain or specific process one must take […]

Reflection #1

I want to start this reflection with stating that my experience with LT 7100 is different than the typical student but then I stop myself. What is the typical Instructional Design and Technology student? I have no answer, no one is typical, there is no standard background you need to pursue a career in IDT. […]

Reflection #1 Derrick Summerville

At the start of the semester, we had to provide an introductory statement about ourselves our classes.  In one particular response, a question was asked, “How is Instructional Design and Technology will be of use to a Minister of Music?” When I inform people that I am in graduate school, and I tell them my […]

Reflection Paper #1: Who is B.C. and What Does He Do?

R                 “Who is B.C. and what does he do?” This intriguing question has followed me several years and fueled my curiosity and encouragement to apply for admissions into the Masters of Instructional Design and Technology program at Georgia State University.   I am confident that my past experiences and formal education are totally aligned with […]

#1 Reflection

In my first reflection a paper I started my ruminating on my initial thoughts prior to enrolling for this class. Most of my professional background is in direct-services, but transitioning over into educational broadcasting and merging that with Family Engagement peeked my interest in Technological product-based work. Being that I don’t a have strong background […]

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